How does KiwiSaverMatch work?

At KiwiSaverMatch we believe that KiwiSaver is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Being a member of KiwiSaver is voluntary - but it can make the difference of getting into your first home or being able to retire comfortably.

You might find it hard to find the information you need to work out what fund type suits you, because it all comes down to your personal choices and risk profile.

That's why the advisers we match you with can give you the information and education you need.

Our quick form will only take 2 minutes to complete. Once completed we will match you with an adviser who will get in touch to review your information.

Once we've found a match for you, you can expect an adviser to get in touch with you within 2 business days.

    KiwiSaver Insights

    At KiwisaverMatch we are KiwiSaver investors ourselves so we know it can be hard picking a KiwiSaver scheme.

  • 49% of Kiwis want a fund that provides a good return and invests responsibly, both are equally important. 1
  • Many KiwiSaver investors would be concerned if their money was invested in; Pornography, Weapons, Gambling, Tobacco, Palm Oil. 1
  • Not all providers are the same. Some charge higher fees but actively manage the investments your money is put towards whilst other providers might be investing in things that aren't great for the environment.